Minimalist paint kit $28— small, light, simple


I’ve just returned to Tucson from Pacific Grove, California, from the first annual Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference, where I was both co-organizer and instructor. My “Minimalist On-the-Go Sketch Kit: Simplifying Your Gear and Paints” class was full with a waiting list, and judging by the comments, well-received!

A number of people enquired about purchasing the mini kits that I assembled for students to test sim[;e, triad-based painting while standing up. So here they are!

IMG_7220 copy 2.jpg

The kit includes:

  • Paint tin with six half-pans and five sample colors from Daniel Smith Paints (a transparent, lifting triad comprising Cerulean, for cyan; Quinacrodone Rose, for magenta; Cobalt Yellow, for a neutral yellow; and two “extras” —Burnt Sienna, and Indanthrone Blue, a warm very dark blue).

  • Mini spray bottle to wet paints.

  • Mini water container with a steel washer on the bottom.

  • Coroplast palette that slides into the back of your journal and has a magnet strip on which to place your paint tin and the water container.

  • Binder clip to hold your cloth and acts as a paint brush holder.

  • Micro-fibre cloth strip.

The price is $28, plus $8 Priority Mail shipping. You may order a mini kit here: MINIMALIST PAINT KIT

You may download and print my PDFs from the class; these include color information, mixing example, and a template for printing your own triad-mixing sheet (laser printer required; if you load with watercolor paper, you will want no heavier than 90-pound paper). Click below:

Color information and mixing example

Triad-mixing template to print on watercolor paper