Q: What is Overland Expo and what does Exploring Overland have to do with it?

A: Overland Expo was founded by us, Roseann and Jonathan Hanson, through our company Overland Expo LLC. We sold Overland Expo at the end of 2018 to Lodestone Events, who will be able to take the two large Overland Expo shows (EAST and WEST) to the next level they need to go; the growth became too much for us and our skills—and we’re happy to say all our original team remains onboard to keep the heart alive. We are still instructors at both shows. Overland Expo will still be supporting the charity ConserVentures (see below). 

We started Exploring Overland so we could begin offering smaller trips and training opportunities throughout the year, not connected to the big shows. Our first offering was in collaboration with RawHyde Adventures—the Continental Divide Journey (held May 2014). We will be offering more in coming years.

Exploring Overland is also our publishing arm—we offer the popular Overland Tech & Travel blog, Tom Sheppard’s classic overland and 4x4 books (the latest editions co-authored with Jonathan Hanson).


Q: Do you offer smaller trainings?

A: We offer small, bespoke overland skills training workshops and trips, as well as writing, photography and art workshops. Please contact us for details or for custom group or personal trainings.

Q: Don't you also run a charity organization?

A: Yes, we founded the small ConserVentures Charitable Organization, whose mission is to promote exploration of our planet and conservation of its natural and cultural heritage. A portion of proceeds from Exploring Overland—plus our own donated time—supports ConserVentures. (ConserVentures.org)