Jonathan and Roseann Hanson are Tucson-based authors, naturalists, visual storytellers, and expedition leaders. We founded Exploring Overland – to showcase our trips and overland training opportunities, creative workshops, and publications—print, digital, and video—for overland adventure travel and natural history enthusiasts.

If you love self-sufficient travel . . . if you love exploring the world . . . if you want to share your discoveries in words and images and art, join us as we help outfit, train, and inspire you to realize your dreams. 

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"I just wanted to write and say that I am happy to see Overland Tech and Travel back online in its cool new format. I found your website earlier this year and have really enjoyed the info, reviews, and various other articles that you publish. I hope to make it down to the Overland Expo WEST next year—I have never been to one, and this year isn't in the cards. Either way I just wanted to say thank you for this great website! Also, your tastes in the finer things overland are nice as they have allowed me to find some great pieces of gear for myself and my rig - top notch." – Shawn R.