Jonathan & Roseann Hanson, Serengeti, Tanzania. For Jonathan’s bio, click   here  ; for Roseann’s bio, click   here  ; & for our   Portfolios   and   Bibliographies

Jonathan & Roseann Hanson, Serengeti, Tanzania. For Jonathan’s bio, click here; for Roseann’s bio, click here; & for our Portfolios and Bibliographies

Passion for exploration –

About Roseann & Jonathan Hanson

Born and raised in southern Arizona, we are both writers, photographers, artists, biologists, and explorers. We are curious humans who love nature, the visual arts, the written word, all things classic—vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, tools, crafts—and above all, we love to learn.

We are constantly reading, exploring new ideas and crafts and skills. 

We are founders of Overland Expo, a do-it-yourself adventure travel event (we sold the event to Lodestone Events at the end of 2018, and remain Directors Emeritus and instructors). We also run, a charity which is dedicated to promoting exploration of the world and conservation of its natural and cultural heritage.

We met and married in 1984, and have worked as resident naturalists and caretakers for U.S. Fish and Wildlife at Brown Canyon in Arizona’s Baboquivari Mountains; managed a guest ranch / nature lodge in the Chiricahua Mountains; taught dozens of nature and writing workshops; lead safaris in Kenya and Tanzania; and explored five continents together. 



Please contact us at info at exploringoverland dot com.

Because of increased phone spamming, we had to take our number offline.




In the 1980s and early 1990s we both studied at the University of Arizona, under many renowned field ecologists, solidifying our passion for fieldwork and science. 

Our co-authored books include Southern Arizona Nature Almanac Basic Essentials: Animal Tracking, National Park Tours of the Southwest, Desert Dogs, The Ragged Mountain Guide to Outdoor Sports, which won a national book award, and 50 Common Reptiles and Amphibians of the Southwest, which won a National Park Service award for Interpretive Excellence. Jonathan has collaborated with Tom Sheppard on a reprint of the seminal Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide, which we sell. (For a full bibliography, please see our Portfolio page.)

Ravenrock is our retreat, art studio, and some-time home, located in the middle of nowhere, more or less, 45 miles southwest of Tucson, surrounded by half a million acres of wildlands and ranchlands near the Mexico border. We live off-the-grid, using solar and wind power, satellite and cell phones, and have built (and continue to build) a tiny home and studio from recycled and sustainable materials. We also own a house in one of Tucson’s oldest, classic neighborhoods north of the Arizona Inn.


The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
— Eleanor Roosevelt