Sneak Preview: Schuberth E1 helmet

Illustration by Jonathan Ehly

Illustration by Jonathan Ehly

Special report by Carla King

Schuberth unveiled its new adventure helmet last night to a crowd of motojournalists in a hangar in Irvine, California. We had to swear not to leak photos, but were given free reign to describe it otherwise. The shortest description I have for you is simply that we will all want to be wearing this helmet next year. 

The new Schuberth E1 adventure helmet is based on their C3 modular design, with an adjustable peak visor and a filtered breather at the chin, as illustrated in the sketch above. Both the visor and the filter can be easily removed.

I’ve worn the Schuberth C3 for over three years now. It's the top of the line in safety and comfort in a modular design. (See my July 2013 story Schuberth C3 helmet: 12 months and 10,000 miles review.) It has a flip-up chin guard, integrated flip-down sunglasses, and air vents at the chin and top that really work, providing air flow all around the head including down the back.

In my three-year experience with the helmet, all of its claims hold true. It’s light and quiet (thanks to an acoustic collar and anti-noise pad) and directionally stable, with no buffeting or oscillatory tendencies. It doesn’t fog up (Pinlock Visor) or roll off (Anti-Roll-Off System) and the COOLMAX inner lining is smooth, comfortable, breathable, allergen-free, antibacterial, and hand-washable.

The new E1 adventure helmet enjoys all the great features of the C3, plus a quick-release, removable and adjustable helmet visor and improved ventilation and dust filtration. Here’s a shot of the profile of the new helmet clipped from my badge.

The peak visor sports generous air vents to avoid drag when riding fast. It is also adjustable, allowing you to tilt it high so that it’s barely visible or down low over the eyes when chasing the sunset. An auto-lock keeps it in place it no matter how many times you ratchet the chin guard up and down.

Removal of the peak visor happens with a quick twist of the quick-release screws on each side. Replace the holes with the included plugs and you’ll hardly know they were there in the first place.

The dirtbike-style venting for air flow is substantial, jutting slightly out the front of the chin guard with a lever that allows you to adjust the air flow. The removable filter—a quarter-sized puck that you can rinse out—fits snugly into a cavity inside the chin guard. Inside, there seems to be plenty of room for the kind of heavy breathing induced by off-road conditions. I can’t wait to put it to the test.

The graphics are exciting and unique, with patterns and colors to fit every style. Among the designs are color blocks of high-vis yellow and a stunning indigo (also offered in yellow and silver color block). My personal favorite is a design of scratchy, black and white vaguely zebra-esque brushstrokes on a background of hi-vis white with a yellow band. There’s also a red, white and blue swirl.

The target market is the safety-conscious dual-sport adventure motorcyclist who can afford the estimated $800+ price tag. Details will be officially announced, along with photos, at the Schuberth E1 helmet’s official release at AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida, October 15-18.

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