Good people . . .


In the late 1970s, still a newish and decidedly rookie owner of an FJ40 Land Cruiser, I bought a book titled Overlanding, by John Steele Gordon. The author’s preface stated, “Overlanding is the landlubber’s equivalent of sailing: the long, slow crossing of large areas of the world.” The book was a complete guide to vehicle selection, equipment, border crossings, daily routine, and health for someone planning a long journey, and it fueled dreams that came true beyond what I dared imagine at the time.

Somewhere later on that book disappeared, loaned out and forgotten or who knows what. I always intended to search for a replacement. Then, at the 2015 Overland Expo East, I stopped by the headquarters tent to check on something, and a volunteer said, "Someone dropped this off for you." 

I was thrilled and touched, more so because inside was a lovely inscription to both of us, and signed, “Jack Walter, Land Rover owner since 1972 and founder of Solaris, the Southern Land Rover Society.”

What a wonderful community we all share.