Handmade, solid oak camp furniture

Several months ago Roseann and I were honored to be asked by our friend Brian DeArmon to evaluate prototypes of some collapsible camping tables he had designed and made in his garage. Brian’s idea was to combine the character of a solid wood table with the portability of the roll-up vinyl-covered camp tables we all know, while enhancing the rigidity of the structure beyond the wobbly norm of such products.

I use the term “prototype” loosely, because the prep-height and cocktail tables we took along on a trip up the Continental Divide were, we both agreed, completely functional and ready to go to work. Knowing the thought Brian has put into everything we’ve seen him do, from completely rebuilding a Four Wheel Camper to crafting a stunning writing desk to welding a winch bumper for my FJ40, we weren’t the least surprised. He took two months to design, evaluate, and test the carrying cases for his tables. (Blue Ridge Overland Gear, in Virginia, will be manufacturing the cases in the U.S. from splash-proof and nearly indestructible 1000-denier polyester material.) 

Last night I got a text from Brian confirming that the website for Arizona Outdoor Furniture is up and ready to take orders, and I’m delighted to share the news.

The two full-size tables—a nearly square dining height (29 inches) and a rectangular prep height (32 inches)—share solid white oak construction with the shorter and smaller cocktail table. When one first removes the pieces of either large table from the stout carrying case, assembly looms as a complicated process; in fact, even without instructions one could soon divine the clever and strong way the dovetailed side pieces slot into the legs, and are then tensioned by diagonal inside braces. Slot the center top support into the middle, unroll and position the slatted top, and you’ve got a piece of furniture that’s probably nicer than the stuff in your living room. Rigidity is excellent, especially considering the lack of any complicated metal leg bracing; nothing detracts from the warm wood appearance.

It’s a rare product that adds both function and style to a campsite. Any of the tables from Arizona Outdoor Furniture, made one at a time by Brian, will do so for you and most likely several generations of your heirs. Most highly recommended.

Arizona Outdoor Furniture is HERE