Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide, version 4.1 (Aug. 2017)

VDEG 4.1 Cover Trimmed of Spine.png
VDEG 4.1 Cover Trimmed of Spine.png

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide, version 4.1 (Aug. 2017)


Exploring Overland is the North American distributor for the fourth edition of the overlanding bible, Tom Sheppard's Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide. This updated and expanded edition (600-plus pages) is co-authored by Jonathan Hanson, and includes more information relevant to North American travelers. See full description below.

AUTHORS: Tom Sheppard (UK) and Jonathan Hanson (US)

ISBN 978-0-9575385-2-8

9" X 7" X1.5" / 608 PAGES

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Description from Tom Sheppard, Desert Winds Publishing:

An expedition can be a half day exploring a hill track near home, two weeks off-road in Turkey or the Pyrenees, a major journey in Africa, or a development, aid or research project in a remote area. The demands are often surprisingly similar.

Work or pure adventure, every expedition needs planning, selection, training and reliability as its ethos. To forty years’ expeditioning experience has been added a cumulative five years’ concentrated research to produce and later revise this book – shipping, equipment, clothing, fuels, oil, communications, vehicles, driver training and navigation are dealt with, distilled and summarised.

The 2013 third edition of VDEG was a major update and sold out in 11 months. This fourth edition, further updated and considerably expanded, was enhanced by contributions from Jonathan Hanson - widely experienced traveller and writer, establishing editor of Overland Journal, host of the respected Overland Tech & Travel website and ever-expanding Overland Expo event in two major U.S. locations. Added to the book also is a detailed study of the genesis of a sensible, exemplar world-travel expedition vehicle – an invaluable contribution, beamed in from Africa (and South America) from tech guru (and gureuse!) Marcus and Julie Tuck. The latest, "4.1" edition now includes, in addition to a few other tweaks, the complete (color) photo addendum formerly available as a separate publication.

But the book is still only a guide; a 2017 snapshot of the ever-changing, ascending technology and spiral of ideas that ignite overland travel. The final arbiter for your expedition plans will be you.