Motorcycle Camping

Worth the space?

All motorcyclists carry that one luxury item they could do without, but which makes the trip so much more comfortable. For most riders it's a pillow, for some it’s a torque wrench or musical instrument. It used to be that chairs fell into that category. Lately, they seem to be on the must-have section of the packing list since so many riders are carrying one. Is it worth the 2 lb. and 14x5” it takes up in the pannier?


I have always been one for simplicity, which usually meant no luxuries. That idea has been forever spoiled after this past Christmas and the purchase of two Helinox chairs and a table. Camping will never be the same. No more sitting on the ground to cook or using a pannier as a chair. The Chair One is perfect for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or relaxing with an evening  beer after a long day’s ride. With a conscious decision of not doing much for the day, you can easily spend hours, comfortably, playing games without noticing the compact size of these chairs. The table is made of a taut mesh, providing adequate stability for our travel chess board, and there are two inset cup holders to ensure no game gets spoiled by spilled liquid.


The design is simple and the tent-pole-like aluminum frame dis/assembles quickly. It’s light and strong (can hold up to 320lbs.) and has four legs. Gone are the days of balancing on only two to save space.


After only one weekend, I understand how the Helinox chairs became so popular and found their way into the panniers of many riders—and into mine. For those who don’t have one yet, I highly recommend you give it a try, and lucky for you they now come in a variety of colors to choose from.