VDEG photo addendum

One of the two questions Tom Sheppard and I get asked most frequently about the contents of the Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide is, “Why is there no section on photography?” (The other is, “Why nothing on medical kits?”)

Of course a big part of the reason is that either subject could easily take up a book of its own, and we were already at 600 pages with the new, fourth edition of Tom's seminal work. However, he has addressed the former with a nifty 15-page addendum titled Expedition Photo Gear. Within those pages Tom has managed to cram a huge amount of information, from selecting the right format (do you really need a 20-pound DSLR system?) to selecting lenses and tripods to post-capture processing to file storage. Along the way are tips to optimize your shooting. It’s Tom at his usual ex-test-pilot detail-obsessed best, and recommended if you’ve hesitated at all about investing in bringing back serious images from your excursions.

VDEG addendum

Expedition Photo Gear is available directly from Tom at Desert Winds Publishing in England, for about $13 including postage. A bargain.