Insuring an older vehicle for overlanding outside the U.S.

OT&T reader Tom Devitt wrote:
Like you, I have an older vehicle that I've put a newer diesel engine in, and am hesitant to drive to Mexico without being able to get full coverage (ideally, an agreed amount policy). It seems that most companies that sell Mexican auto insurance (e.g., Sanborn's) won't provide full coverage for a vehicle older than 10 years (for some companies, 15). I'd like to drive my Land Rover to Mexico, but not if I can't get full coverage for it (not just liability). Any suggestions or advice (other than buy a cheap, newer vehicle)? Thanks.
Sadly it's a tough one that we could not satisfactorily solve. The Blue Book on our 1984 FJ60 is something like $2400, while the value of our new International diesel engine, transmission, and all the accessories is upwards of $35,000. We contacted Adventure Mexican Insurance (, and after a lot of work they finally found a Mexican company that would underwrite the Land Cruiser for a whopping $5000, the maximum they would do.


That's what we ended up with, just accepting the risk and making sure we have a bombproof anti-theft device. We are looking into other options, such as RV insurance (plenty of people take big expensive and older RVs into Mexico on the Snowbird circuit) but the main problem we ran into with RV insurance is that they required a plumbed toilet to qualify as an RV.


We sold our FJ60 recently and are looking for a diesel pickup on which we'll put a Four Wheel Camper, so perhaps if we have Tom Hanagan at FWC plumb a toilet and make it a pass-through (which we'd like), we can qualify for better insurance.

Anyone else out there have any luck with older-vehicle insurance globally, while overlanding?