Flickr is our main still-image gallery repository online. Below are several galleries from Exploring Overland journeys for you to enjoy. You can access our entire albums here (including Overland Tech and Travel):

Continental Divide Journey X 4 (May 2015)

Continental Divide Journey X 4 (May-June 2014)

Grand Canyon, USA - video shoot for Overland Expo promo

In July 2013 we spent three days on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, shooting video with our new quad-copter and GoPro Hero for our Overland Expo 2014 promotional video, "What do you dream?" This is a collection of iPhone images from our time at the canyon, which was magical. You can see the video results in our Dream video below.

Exploring Overland - to Playa Himalaya, Sonora, Mexico, 2012

Vimeo is our video-sharing medium of choice. Below are several videos from our collection, which is located here: